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This is the new theme of the 2023 animations of the Saint Mesmin castle.

Waging war in the Middle Ages is all about strategy, techniques and pitched battles
to attack and lay siege to towns, strongholds or castles.
The recruitment done, it is better to be well equipped and trained to become a soldier.
Thus, the army corps are in the first rank and in successive waves,
cavalry, archers, crossbowmen infantry contribute to the smooth running
military operations.

The stories of the chroniclers are numerous, cruel and sometimes comical
to embellish and glorify these epic battles.

In the absence of staff maps and to perfect the armies,
the secret services play a key role
by practicing espionage, negotiation, ransoms, poisoning…
enough to interfere in the end in a strange war….

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Watch the presentation of the castle

Watch the video of "Knight's honor"


This is the new theme of the 2022 animations of the Saint Mesmin castle.

Animals, real or imaginary, domestic or wild, rub shoulders and literally invade the medieval universe.

In fables and tales, in painting, in illumination, in sculpture, in goldsmithing, on coats of arms and seals, on stained glass, in tapestries, in princely menageries, in the farmyard, in hunting, in fights and jousts, in crafts, in dances and songs, not to mention in cooking, etc... medieval man offers a "fantastic" place to the animal in his everyday life.

So, at the castle of Saint Mesmin, during a summer visit, make way for "fantastic animals" in their living, transformed or imaginary form!

- In the farmyard, the animal is alive, tamed by the farmer or hunted by the veneur, so as not to turn like a lion in a cage....
- In the dwelling, the animal becomes a transformed product, worked by the craftsman or sold by the merchant, like a real ant's work....
- In the chapel, the animal is imaginary, told by the artist or presented by the nobleman, declining, without being talkative like a magpie, the multiple facets of medieval art....

And out of season, without being as proud as a peacock, the castle will host other animations to make this year 2022 totally fantastic!

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Watch the presentation of the castle

Watch the video of "Knight's honor"

Throughout the year 2021, the castle will make the "budding princesses and knights" dream.

Once upon a time
.... in a faraway land, a kingdom, a castle, princesses, knights.... History still does not tell us if these princesses made themselves a thousand times more beautiful and if these knights believe themselves a hundred times more courageous. Thus populated by kings, queens, princes, knights and princesses, the Middle Ages still makes us dream. Young princesses in sumptuous robes or brave knights armed with their fearsome sword, myths or realities?

Then, once upon a the castle of Saint Mesmin, there was the desire to make a great historical leap in the education of children to cross the ages of their lives to the Middle Ages: early childhood, then the age of reason and finally the age of responsibilities. A way of telling the story of medieval youth under the gaze of a noble child living in the castle!

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Watch the presentation of the castle

Watch the video of "Knight's honor"

During the year 2020, the castle will delight "Medieval flavours".

You said banquet at the castle! The castle of Saint Mesmin will be the “very spicy" castle in medieval flavours around stories in the garden, in the kitchen but also at the table. A tasty discovery of food, recipes, table services, "desserts" and rules of decorum to remind us that in the Middle Ages, life is also marked by several meals, depending on the seasons social classes. From the gardener to the brigade in the kitchen, from the servant to the troubadour in the dinning room, while waiting for the banquet to be served at the chateau, there is a lot of work to “bite” into this delicious program!

Thus, with the company L'Oriflamme, three entertainment centres will be offered to visitors. Medieval flavours to devour with your eyes:

•    A farmer "to stock up" on raw materials
The peasant in the service of the lord of Saint Mesmin settled in the barnyard of the castle with his goods. Thus, under its stalls, he tells the story of the cultivation of the land, the gathering, breeding, hunting and fishing, all according to the conditions of supply, packaging, storage and conservation, which oscillate according to the agricultural calendar and the climatic hazards of Mother Nature. Feeding in the Middle Ages was already part of a complex economic circuit......

•    A master chef "to lead" the brigade in the kitchen
The master chef reigns in the kitchen. He is in charge of the the planning of supplies, purchases from merchants, the preparation of dishes because he controls the composition of the menus surrounded by his brigade with evocative names: squires, “potagiers”, saucers, grinders, blowers, woodsmen, porters, etc ... With his recipes, his know-how, but also his secrets, the cooker makes medieval cuisine, a true "culinary art" in the Middle Ages...

•    A troubadour "to serve and entertain" guests
The troubadour is ready in the dining room of the castle. The banquet table is finely set up, the guests are placed according to convenience and rules of decorum, the head waiter validates the final preparations with the bread maker, the butler, the mouth officers and a ballet of servants. Thanks to the "entremets" entertaining the guests, musicians, poets and jugglers and acrobats bring a resolutely festive character to the banquet.... Let the party begin!

And on the program of weekends in June, July, August and September, many "animated flavours". A season that flips through like a book of gourmet recipes.

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Watch the presentation of the castle

Watch the video of "Knight's honor"

During the year 2019, the castle will tell "Chronicles of a Siege".

At the end of XIVe century in Poitou, Pierre de Montfaucon, lord of Saint Mesmin has difficulties with his Suzerain, Guillaume Larchevêque, lord of Parthenay. A troubled atmosphere and mistrust is established in the castle between the two camps. We must prepare to go to war, make sure to have fortifications in good condition to support a siege, while going to daily occupations.
Chronicles of a siege to live with a recruiting captain, a lord castle keeper but also a troubadour entertainer ...

Thus with the L'Oriflamme company, three centers of animation will be proposed to the visitors to relate the chronicles of a siege

"Commit yourself ! they said ... " with the recruiting captain.

The attack is imminent at the castle ... .. Commit yourself they said! The captain, installed in the barnyard, shares his knowledge of siege techniques. Man of war, of military strategy, end manager, he leads his men, recruits them, prepares them, trains them, guides them, trains them. The experiment of the captain must, thus, result in the surrender of the stronghold, whatever the way: treason, negotiation, combat. It's all the art of attack!

"Open your eyes! and the good one... "with the lord protector.

The castle is in danger ... .Open the eye and the good one! Pierre de Montfaucon, in good lord, is folded in his fortress to hold the siege. In a fragile historical context of the Hundred Years War, the relationship between the vassal and his overlord can slip. So, everything must be ready and the permanent maintenance with: From the castle, its towers, its drawbridge, its moat. From garrison, men, some equipments and ammunitions. From intendance, essential reserves. It's all the art of defense!

"Keep your spirits up to the highest ..." with the troubadour entertainer

The siege will be long at the castle ... Keep your spirits high! What better than a troubadour to brighten the long days at the castle. The troubadour dances, sings, tells and plays and his good mood is communicative. He is at the same time an artist, a composer, a poet, and a player ... He likes, too, peddling the rumors which, in these confused times, such as the stories of battles, will serve perhaps to decipher the truth of the false. It's all the art of entertainment!

And throughout the weekends of July and August: A season that opens as a real page of history, such as chronicles of siege, all camps together!

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Watch the presentation of the castle

Watch the video of "Knight's honor"

During the year 2018, the castle will put The "Kgnicht in honor".

Today, who says Middle Ages said knight! This hero of the ancient time represents bravery, courage, honour, courtesy and protection of the weak-willed persons.

From July 8th till August 26th, 2018, with the company The Oriflamme, three poles of animation will be offered to the visitors for:

MANAGE A DOMAIN with the intendant Knight  : When he is not at war, the knight administers his domain where he spends most clearly of his time. A thousand things to manage : finances, economic management of lands, men and women at the service of the castle. And to be admitted by all, his family, his staff and his men-et-arms, he must also be able to receive in his castle and look good in the eyes of all those around him.

GET AN EDUCATION AND SEDUCE with the courteous Knight : The knight grows, learns and gets his education in the "court « of the castle. This "courteous « knight grants to a big place for "fine amor". It is necessary to him to control its taste for feasts with songs, dances, musics and poems as well as beautiful dresses. A chivalrous way of life to win the heart of his lady and to ensure descendants by advocating obedience, devotion and fidelity.   

TRAIN FOR BATTLE with the warlike Knight : The knight was born in the comfort of the castle, but it is on the battlefield that he will surely die .... To become a knight warrior, he is to make his classes, to train, to study treaties and strategy of battle, to equip itself  while leading an army of men-at-arms to win war or simply to defend his castle.

And throughout the weekends of July and August, in honour, portraits of "knight" for all: dubbing, jousts, entrainement, harness, love affairs, games, entertainment, etc.... A season which promises to be epic and chivalrous! 

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During the year 2017, the castle will present « Table stories ».

A table, whether for decorative, practical or domestic use, is subject to rituals and traditions and gathers around it men and women of the Middle Ages.It is used for working, eating, entertaining…

From 9 July to 27 August, with the Oriflamme company, three dramatized events will be offered to visitors in addition to a guided tour on the following themes:

“Set the table” with the bread master: le panetier, as the castle’s officer of food, is responsible for bread and place settings. He is also an authority on good manners, customs and traditions concerning large banquets at the court.  A very knowledgeable man, his skills cover the content of the plate, the art of entertaining, status of the guests and finally management of domestic staff. With le panetier, explore the table in the lord’s private residence of the castle!

Read the “table of contents” with the scholar: The nephew of the owner of Chateau Saint-Mesmin, a keen traveller, when the fancy takes him, has met many artists and philosophers. Back from Italy, he is very impatient to present artistic experiments, techniques and expertise on the tables of the chapel.  With the “budding” artist, switch between art and crafts and gather round the table to discuss objects and materials in order to give free rein to your creativity: mosaics, stained-glass window-making, painting and pigments.

“Lay your cards on the table” with the gambler: The gambler (le parieur), a person from a good family with a comfortable income, is an educated man. Trader, merchant, he also sells forms of entertainment. Opening his treasure chest in the court of the castle, he is a purveyor of dreams with his games, defying the authority of the Church and making a pact with the devil.  Join the gambler, both player and referee, and participate in tactical, physical and mental skill games.

And throughout the weekends of July and August, there will be “table stories” for all with, on the programme: stories, magic school, banquet, inn, gastronomic, magic, work, trestle, operating table etc… With the table, fixed or on a trestle, square, round or rectangular, it’s all about coming together.

Photos of 2015

During the year 2016, the Castle of Saint Mesmin has present "The Lord's life" : the life of the castle owner.

On summer, with an emphasis on fun, visitors were sure to come across the head cook, the great chef of the premises, but also the refined, smooth-talking dance master and finally, they are certain to meet the fencing master who will teach them that military activities are concerned with both war and peace.

Head cook: The head cook is the chef whose role is to feed the castle owner and his household.  He is responsible for devising and tasting the dishes, maintaining order, cleanliness and ensuring the supply of provisions.  By drawing inspiration from medieval books and culinary manuscripts, dishes of yesteryear will once again become topical, blending spices and fragrances, all interspersed with stories about hunting, fishing and poaching…

Dance master: The dance master is a lover of the arts. He dedicates his entire life to entertaining the castle owner.  Poetry, literature, music and dance hold no secrets for him.  Incidentally, in the castle, no secret can resist him.  Meeting him is to enter his world.  A real introduction to “fin amor” with demonstration of single and double branles, discovery of musical instruments and odes to the great poets and troubadours of his time…

Fencing master: The fencing master is the personal trainer of the castle owner and all the men-at-arms of the castle. A knight, he is at the service of the lord and every day strives to maintain order and security.  The training that allows a dubbed knight to become man-at-arms is challenging. These necessary steps require in-depth knowledge of heraldry, arms and armour, in addition to physical training and entertainment such as tournaments.

With l'Oriflamme  



Photos of 2015
The castle has put the emphasis on the “Children of the Middle Ages”. The life of children at the end of the Middle Ages was presented – children from towns, the countryside and the courts.  From the country roads, passing through the courts of noblemen, between small jobs, recreation, apprenticeships and customs, these children from another time will have no more secrets for you.

The child of the towns :  More diverse, the world of the town child is that based around the street with all its resources that come with it, that of apprenticeships and indeed that of a middle class world.   There is a sense of belonging to a guild, a brotherhood, a specific trade and to a rising elite which is the middle class.  A turbulent world, more restricted, heralding already the early beginnings of an industrial society but also revealing the risks and dangers of town life.

The child of the countryside (the fields):  These children are in tune with nature (forests, rivers), the different elements (plant life, animals), the climate (natural risks, catastrophes) and the seasons. They actually assist the adults in their activities. Generally, the boys are given some responsibility, aiming to develop their physical condition, endurance and observation.  The girls are responsible for the direct production process of the animals and plant life and the whole collection of faiths and superstitions.

The child of the courts:  From the young page to the prince, the child of the courts lives in a more restricted environment, more protected but also more rare.  Should it be in the training of how to serve people in high places or as such managing himself, the child of the courts is obliged to take up a form of apprenticeship:  that of the protocol, rules of etiquette, principals of courtesy, the legalities of public relations...Leisure time and entertainment make for a regular diversion from this didactic vocation: medieval verse (chronicles of heroic exploits), educational treaties, state costumes, all activities aimed at moulding the child early in life into a responsible adult.

With Compagnie  Entresorts


Photos 2014

The Hundred Years War is over, but the Duchy of Burgundy threatens the Kingdom of France ...
Is it a time to wage war ?

The castle has projected a lecture on the effect of war on everyday life in the Middle Ages: Reflexion, anticipation, choice of action, organisation, innovation, defence and prevention will be the “key words”.

“Daily battle”:  How to prepare for the worst...How to survive the hazards of war, the climate, hunger, the cold, sickness. This daily battle is famous for the conservation of food resources, research and maintenance of military equipment.

“News and accounts of war”:  The war such that is told and illustrated by the winning side...The courage, the gallantry, the taste of the epic, the retelling of events, acts of bravery of some, treason and unreliability of others, the excitement of training and some spectacular demonstrations of individual prowess in tournaments and acts of weaponry.

“War strategy”:  Diplomacy, economy, strategy:  the war as a game!  Description and the atmosphere which reigns on the battle field... Victory or defeat and their repercussions...


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